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Be Informed. Be Smart. Be Sure.
Since 2006, Chatmine has helped clients solve problems by providing services consulting around Big Data Analysis.

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We Understand Data & Analytics.

We work on projects ranging from simple up to enterprise-ready big data solutions.

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Data Collection & Integration

We Specialize in Sourcing Unique Datasets and Integrating with Our Client's Internal Data Sources.

Cloud Data Technology

Our Process is Designed to Scale with Your Analytics Needs. We Utilize On-Demand Tech to Handle Problems Large & Small.

Big Data Storage

We Utilize Big Data Storage Technologies Such as Hadoop to Manage Many Different Data Sources.

Digital Dashboards

Realtime Data Delivered 24 Hours a Day through a Web-Based Digital Dashboard for On-Demand Access.

Social Media Metrics & Analytics

Our Proprietary SocialView360 Product Provides Unique Metrics that Shows a Deep Competitive Analysis and Consumer Behavior Report.

GIS Models & Analysis

Our GIS Approaches Include Lidar, Spatial Models, Algorithmic Processing, & Remote Sensing. We also Produce Decision Support Tools.

Machine Learning

We Utilize Cutting Edge Machine Learning for Many of Our Projects, Depending on the Needs of the Client.

Strategy & Insights

We Provide Strategy & Marketing Consulting for Various Business Problems, Including Early Stage Startups.


Work Flow

Our process begins with understanding the client’s objectives and defining the problem-space. Many typical projects rely heavily on social media data, which we integrate with a client’s own internal data sources to enrich the context. We will approach a typical analytical project by applying standard metrics and statistical approaches. Our most sophisticated clients come to use for our advanced analytics using cutting edge machine learning algorithms. Reporting usually occurs through executive-level decks and digital, online dashboards.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Janssen Pharmaceutical