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Since 2006, Chatmine has helped clients solve problems by providing services consulting around Big Data Analysis.

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What does Chatmine Do?

What does Chatmine Do?

Chatmine mines(1) data(2) from conversations(3) and analyzes(4) that data to deliver actionable insight(5).



If it can be heard and recorded, Chatmine can find and capture valuable information that often goes unnoticed or ignored.  The process of sifting through large amounts of data is called “mining”.    What makes our approach different is our highly evolved methodology for the capture of information.  Our proprietary approach to mining is called Chat-mining.



Truly listening and extracting actionable insight requires potentially very large amounts of data.  In addition to the digitization of conversational data, information that ties business results back to the data is needed.  Working with large amounts of data is often referred to as “big data”.



Conversations can take many forms – online chats, comments posted on news sites, ratings on retail sites, YouTube video postings, calls with customer service reps, even the exchange of information between pieces of industrial equipment can be considered as conversational.  The list of conversations varies by business, but is often extensive.   Listening to conversations goes by many names, depending on the specific area of focus: social analytics; call center analytics; consumer response analysis; etc.   What makes our approach different is the breadth and depth of conversation we capture.



Analytic expertise within the marketing community varies widely.   Some companies go wide, deploying a wide variety of analytic techniques.  Some companies go deep, delving into one or two specific areas of analytics.  Some companies do neither.  Few do both and fewer still do both well.   What makes us different is our background.  We’re not a marketing company trying to use an analytic approach to deliver marketing insight, were a mathematics-based analytics company dedicated to applying science to the art of conversational analytics.  Our proprietary approach to conversational analytics is called “Chatlytics”.


Delivery of Actionable Insight5

While data mining and conversational analytics are at the core of what we do, the key to our success is the delivery of actionable insight that helps our clients to make faster and better business decisions.  Every engagement with Chatmine results in the delivery of actionable insight through comprehensive printed reports and executive summaries, and face to face client reviews.  Our proprietary approach to the delivery of actionable insight is what we live for.  We’re Chatmine, the leader in the science of conversational insight.




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