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Since 2006, Chatmine has helped clients solve problems by providing services consulting around Big Data Analysis.

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Big data modeling & machine learning consulting.

We use sophisticated data models to understand consumer behavior, going beyond surveys and focus groups

We utilize cutting edge GIS approaches for modeling and decision support tools

Focused on social media, we provide marketing and branding research and insights

About Us

Chatmine applies cutting-edge data analysis and machine learning approaches to help solve complex business challenges. We go beyond simple metrics in our social media analytics suite to understand deep consumer behaviors and motivations. Located in Boston, we serve fortune 500 clients, both public and private as well as government and educational clients.

Example Metrics:

Brand Health

Brand Metrics and Brand Personality. How does your brand measure against competitors?

Geospatial Intel

What is the energy use in your zip code?<br /> What is the potential for solar PVC in your town?

Big Data

How can you fuse data from many channels to derive unique intelligence? How does AI data mining provide insights on consumer behavior?<br />

Our Services

We eliminate your data challenges. We bring together data in your many silos (marketing, social media, salesforce, call center and budgeting) into one platform and apply AI algorithms to derive insights about your customers, their behaviors and decisions. Our unique “big data” approach results in improved sales and marketing, finding new customers, and maintaining a competitive edge. Some Products are highlighted below.

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